Shane Frost fucks Seth Miller on Raw Fuck Club

Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club has just released a scene I shot during our recent visit to Palm Springs featuring Shane Frost and Seth Miller on the Raw Fuck Club website. Seth starts out sucking on Shane’s big cock in a beautiful pool with a waterfall. By the time the guys start fucking the sun is setting. Shane finishes the day off in a great way as the sun sets and he shoots a big, warm load on Seth’s hole and fucks it in. Why can’t every day end like this?

Here is a free preview of this scene. Click here to see this entire scene.
still_02_389310308_orig_5EA9_CE8still_01_589167395_orig_628A_676still_01_529134631_orig_B885_041still_01_497774627_orig_41DA_16Astill_01_496035050_orig_1BA5_838still_01_102204263_orig_DBF0_520still_01_625829921_orig_2258_CC9still_02_930923124_orig_8F63_650 Here is the scene description: Sexy big-dicked fucker Shane Frost and hungry bottom boy Seth Fisher make the best use of the heated pool after hours.  Both studs take turns sucking on each other’s cocks then Shane grabs hold of Seth’s ass and takes it for a raw ride, spreading his hot cum right on his tight manhole.
Click here to see this entire scene.

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