Peto Coast fucks Kory Mitchell on Raw Fuck Club

Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club just put the scene I shot with Peto Coast and Kory Mitchell up on the Raw Fuck Club website. Kory was so psyched to work with Peto and when they were finally put in the same room together you couldn’t keep them apart. It took all I had just to get them to stop fucking and end the scene. Needless to say it is HOT as FUCK!

Here is a free preview of this scene.

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Here is the scene description: Sexy German stuf will make anyone a bottom. Tonight he sets his eyes on Kory Mitchel who proves to be a cock-worshipping greedy bottom when Peto unleashes his uncut cock and tears into Kory’s hole. Once Peto’s had enough, he shoots his load and fucks the cum into his submissive slut’s ass.
Click here to see this entire scene.

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