So… I have a photo shoot with Sylvester Q tonight because he wants to use me for a show that he is having at this club called Score this weekend. I won’t be able to attend the show because I’ll be in San Francisco. Wouldn’t you know that I would bend down to get the protein powder from the bottom cabinet and bang my head really, really hard on the marble counter this morning.

There was a sickening “Crack!” sound and a disturbingly hollow “Thud”. I now have a big goose egg that is rapidly turning black & blue on my forehead. (See above photo.) Just in time for my appearance at the Gods premiere party and my shoot with them.

Do you think maybe they will go with a Klingon theme? You know… the bumps on the forehead thing. Maybe there is a fetish for that! I would need a couple of more bumps for that, so maybe I can fall down the stairs on my way out of the office today, or slam the door to my truck on my head as I am getting in it.



It is now 2:30pm and when I went to look at my head in the bathroom this is what I see.
I think we may have to go with a Unicorn theme or maybe just the old paper bag over the head. That’s a hot look.


Labor Day weekend turned out pretty great after all!

So I didn’t get to Southern Decadence but I did have a lot of fun right here at home in Ft. Lauderdale. More importantly, New Orleans weathered the storm very well.
I went to an awesome birthday party for Jeff that was thrown by his two husbands Tom and Carl. Great food, great friends and of course most of the Ft. Lauderdale Porn Posse was on hand.
Saturday night I went to a fetish party called “Dirty Love” at Jet Set with DJ Manny Lehman. Most of the local guys stayed home and saved themselves for the big “Black Party” event on Sunday night so the crowd was a little… off. That’s putting it kindly. I was surrounded by a couple of my closest friends so the night was a lot of fun even as we dodged drunk guys falling all over us and way too aggressive tourists just walking up and groping us roughly.
Sunday night was a complete blast! There were two different clubs open (Jet Set & Revolution) and you could move back and forth between both. The party started about 5:00pm and Sandra Bernhard did a short live show around midnight. With the show over, DJ Tracy Young took over the turntables and the energy level went through the roof!
The evening took a little turn for the worse when a friend “got sick”. So I spent a couple of hours helping him out and took him home and put him to bed. That’s what friends do. Fortunately, a hottie I’ve been flirting with for months now helped lift my spirits and provided a VERY HOT end to the eveni Ang.s the sun rose, he went on his way with a piece of fresh baked apple pie (hey… I’m a giver!) and a smile on his face. The perfect end to a great weekend!

Vacation Check List:
• Shorts
• Ginny Tees (White & Black)
• Sneakers
• Leather Harness
• Camera
• Lube (3 oz. max)
• Condoms
• Gum & Breath Mints
• National Guard
• State of Emergency
• Buses for Evacuation
To Do List:
• Call airline and cancel flights to and from New Orleans
• Call hotel and cancel reservations
• Tell boss I won’t need the day off tomorrow
• Sulk

I had the pleasure of working with my good friend Sylvester Q again on Saturday night at the “Men in Uniform-Leather/Fetish/ Uniform Party” at Steel nightclub here in Fort Lauderdale. What a great night… except for a horrible case of CRABS!!!

We walked into the curtained off photo area on the back patio to find many large crabs crawling everywhere. They were even crawling up the black velvet curtains! But a few crabs didn’t get in the way of a very successful night.

Sylvester Q, Enrique and I had a full night of impromptu photo shoots with the party goers. It was the usual mixture of sexy and fun singles, couples and groups hamming it up in front of the camera. Gotta say there were some HOT guys doing some VERY HOT things. And of course, being the gentleman that I am, I’m always there to lend a hand, or tongue, or whatever is needed to get the perfect shot. 😉

Besides being an awesome friend, Sylvester Q is an amazing photographer with the gift of being able to bring people out of their shell and make them comfortable and even empowered during their photo shoot. You leave a session with him feeling confident and uplifted and are rewarded with great photos! You can check out some of the photos he’s taken of me in the “Photos” section on my website ( and there is a link to his website from there if you want to find out more about him.

I also had my first experience with a Bootblack at the party. This cool guy named Dire had set up shop inside and he rocked my world! I’ve always been intrigued with the whole Bootblacking thing, and even turned on by it. (Something about sitting up high with some guy servicing you can bring out the Daddy in anyone.) But I’ve always been kinda shy about climbing up in one of those chairs in front of everyone. (I know… a freakin’ shy porn star. Hey, it happens!) But this time I climbed up in his chair and was treated to an incredible experience. Not only were my boots shinier than they have ever been before but it was sensual as hell and I left there feeling like I had just spent a day at the spa thanks to his stretching and massaging my legs and feet! If you haven’t had an experience with a Bootblack before, I highly recommend it. You can email Dire at BBDIRE@COMCAST.NET if you ever require the services of an excellent Bootblack.

I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning house and working out like a dog! I have several upcoming porn shoots coming up and I want to look my best. So the next couple of weeks will be eating right, resting up, and pumping major iron. (Except for the upcoming weekend of drunken debauchery at Southern Decadence in New Orleans of course! LOL)

While Hurricane Fay blew by yesterday I cleaned house, watched “Sheer Genius”, and sipped on Coconut Rum & Chocolate Soy Milk cocktails (don’t laugh until you try it!). At one point my cell phone rang and it was a San Francisco number. Been getting a lot of calls from there lately. Usually calls for more porn shoots. Turns out it was the guys (actually ladies) at asking if I would like to fly out to San Francisco for their big premiere party. HELL YA!!!!!!

The Party is going to be next month on a Friday evening and they asked me to stay on as their guest for the weekend and shoot with them again on Monday. AWESOME!!! The people who work at are cool as hell. Women and men, straight and gay and everything in beween… cool! Staying at the Armory again will be awesome!!! They own it, film there and put their models up there. That place is creepy as hell. Like a combination of reform school, prison, castle and dungeon. Last time I stayed there it was just a security guard at the front desk, 2 cats and me in the whole building. And it is HUGE!!! An entire city block!

I’m also psyched about doing another scene with them. I was a little nervous the first time I shot with them since I hadn’t done a heavy duty bondage and S&M scene before or a gang bank scene, but Van Darkholme, the director, guided me and they turned out great! You can see a link to free previews for those scenes if you click through to my website (

NOTE: The photo on top is from the Bound Gods shoot “Master Nick and slave dante”.
The second photo is from the Bound Gods shoot “Tober Gang Bang: Part One”.
“Tober Gang Bang: Part Two” will be released shortly.

Construction workers are passing back and forth carrying roofing supplies through the door to the rooftop that is next to my desk here at work. Only one of them is hot… but it only takes one! I remarked to one of my coworkers that the hunky worker would probably be more comfortable if he took his shirt off, but he didn’t hear me. Hey… I’m just concerned for his well being. Wouldn’t want him to overheat. (Like I am watching his bulging biceps as he’s carrying Hard large steel beams.)

South Florida is under a tropical storm warning right now and, by the view from my window, it looks like the end of the world is quickly approaching. Hey… another hot worker just passed within inches of me. This one isn’t hunky. He’s more the dangerous, tattooed, trailer park, bad boy type. (Damn, I must be horny!) So much for getting any work done today.

Crap, the dangerous, trailer boy just came de over, called me “sir” and told me he was going to be carrying a huge ladder through my area. “Sir”? That hurt! It’s not like he said it in a Master/Slave kind of way. That would have been hot. It was more the way the lady at the perfume counter at Macy’s addresses customers who are annoying her. “Excuse me Maam”.

That’s OK… I’d still do him.

Being the caring company it is, my company has agreed to let us all go Getting at noon today. Coincidentally, the storm is forecasted to get much worse then. I guess that laying off tons of employees the last few months wasn’t enough. Now they are sacrificing us to the wrath of Mother Nature. I guess there is no severance package or unemployment claims to deal with in that scenario.

With any luck, I should have the rest of the day off to work on my website, watch “Sheer Genius” and work out my stomach some more. I already worked out from 5:30am to 7:30am this morning but I want to have a rock solid 6-pack in one month. This weekend I got booked for two more films next month and I want to look REALLY GOOD!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks getting my porn related website up and running. It’s been fun but it has not been easy. Maybe I’m just getting too Wholesale Washington Redskins Jerseys old for that kind of thing.

I put Online off starting the site for about a year now and I finally got fed up with friends making more money on the movies I’ve done than I did! Seriously, one friend has made about double what I did on one film by just registering with some affiliates and getting a cut every time someone clicks through to them and signs up or buys something. So I’ve been signing up as an affiliate with lots of companies and putting links to them on my site.

You only get one lump payment when you do a film and then they can : do whatever they cheap mlb jerseys want with the photos and related materials from that point on. Who knows where your face (or weiner) will show up? Calendars, greeting cards, ads wholesale nba jerseys for the bathhouse, public service wholesale nfl jerseys ads for gonorrhea. The other ways to make money off of the movies is to a either do public appearances (not so easy for me since I have a full time job) or to escort. Don’t think the escorting thing is for me. Not that I have anything against it at all. Some of my best friends are escorts. Seriously.

It’s going to be a couple more weeks until I have the site working the way I want it to be. Right now I’m uploading tons of photos and trying to put some galleries together. Ugh. Not so easy. Eventually I’d like to get to the point where The I can put up some of my own original content and maybe Mia… even a webcast. Of course, I’ll probably be 65 by then and have to market to a whole different market. Ya… senior citizen porn is HOT! LOL!

Feel free to check out the site at and PROMOCJE let me know what you think. Remember it’s a porn site so there is 2 going to be nudity. Ummm.. actually, how is that different from this blog? Feel free to click through any of the links and buy a membership or product from the site it takes you to. Hey… a girls gotta eat! 😉

I went to see Mamma Mia last night after so many friends and coworkers went on and on and on about how great it was. One friend even said, “People were dancing in the isles!” Umm…. I cheap nba jerseys think he was mistaken and what he really saw was terrified moviegoers running through the isles trying to escape the horror that is Mamma Mia the movie. God did this movie suck!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time watching this train-wreck of a movie. But that was only because we were hysterical laughing at how bad the whole thing was. Even Meryl Streep couldn’t save this one. Poor thing ran around singing at the top of her lungs, running up hills, jumping on beds, climbing on roofs, falling off of everything in site. I keep waiting to hear the loud snap as her hip cheap nfl jerseys shattered into pieces. How old were there freaking women? And those musical numbers with the nubile and horny young boys being seduced by the child molesting, shrieking old hags (yes, I said it… Christine Baranski is a shaking old hag no matter how much plastic surgery she is sporting) were very, very disturbing. I felt like I needed a shower to get the “Mommy, the old lady touched me in my bad place” feeling off du of me. Ugh.

I don’t understand why everyone complaining that Pierce Brosnan’s singing was so horrible that it ruined the movie for him. EVERYONE in the WHOLE MOVIE couldn’t sing for shit! The problem with Pierce’s performance is that when he sang, he looked like he was severely constipated and a farm vet had his arm halfway up mean his butt trying to dislodge whatever cheap nba jerseys was causing the blockage. Did it actually hurt him as much to sing as it did for us to hear him sing? I doubt it.

And one more год thing, what the heck was up with Colin Firth turning into a big ole mo at the end and ending up with the very hot and very young boy? Where the hell did that come from? I’m WordPress sorry if you didn’t see the movie yet and that spoiled the ending for you, but the whole thing sucks anyway, so I really couldn’t ruin it more than the director did already.

So it’s two thumbs way up the director’s butt on this movie. Sorry if you disagree with my opinion and liked it. Really sorry.