Our Daily Bred – The shitstorm

So the shitstorm over Our Daily Bred has begun and it’s exactly what I expected it to be. I want to post this so that everyone knows my views on the entire matter.

People all pissed off because I directed a movie about sexual fetishes based around religion. It’s a fantasy people. No altar boys we’re harmed in the making of this film. LOL. All of the models were totally on board with the theme and many of the ideas presented came from them.

Anyone who follows me on here, Facebook and twitter knows that I actually go to church on Sundays and pray and meditate frequently. I have a great respect for spirituality in whatever form works for you. Personally, I believe God gave us sex so we could enjoy it and take pleasure from it. What 2 people (or more) consensually do to get off is their business.

As for the scene with the cross fucking someone and the communion wafer being served off a hard cock… We all know what the bible says about worshiping false idols. These are just religious symbols. (And for the record, that cross was made of plastic and not wood and there was no chance of actual injury from it.) Personally, I think Jesus would be laughing his ass off if he saw the scenes.

This isn’t a movie about sexual abuse or predatory sex. It’s a fantasy about a sexual taboo that gets a lot of people worked up and horny.

The porn blog Queer Me Now did a post on it and the comments left there have been overwhelmingly negative and downright mean. My favorite one is…

“This OLD FUCK FACE ( Moretti ) can take this DESPICABLE video and SHOVE IT UP HIS ASS !!! Allow me to state for the record that I am not a Catholic but I do believe in GOD ! Any human being with the slightest bit of decency would be horrified by this utter DISRESPECT for something that I and so many others hold so DEAR !!!!”

There were also a lot of comments on how bad the lighting and film quality were. I spent a lot of time and effort getting that trailer to have a dark and mystical look. It’s not a Belami film with pretty boys frolicking in the summer rain. LOL. And there were also the normal anti-bareback remarks and questions about the safety off the cross blue Blue Bailey used to fuck Preston Johnson’s ass. Don’t worry… As I stated above, It was completely safe. Years of BDSM play and filming have taught me a lot about safety.

You can see the Queer Me Now post about Our Daily Bred by CLICKING HERE  and of course it’s not safe for work.

Oh, and one other thing… There are a lot of comments about this all being an attempt to promote the movie. Um… Duh! Of course I want this movie to be promoted and I created a trailer that would peak people’s interest. I do that with every movie I do. It’s called marketing and advertising.

Finally, if you don’t like what you see in he trailer, then don’t buy it… Oops, I mean don’t illegally download it. No one is forcing it down your throat. Really people, get off the cross, somebody needs the wood.

My Facebook account will probably be reported and deleted from all this stuff because religious fanatics have already started leaving nasty messages and reporting it. If you were a friend of mine on Facebook and I am deleted please come find me again when I start up another account.

Nick Moretti

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