Max Cameron & Jackson Fillmore tag team fuck and breed Leon Fox

Real life boyfriends Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore have been after sexy Leon Fox’s ass for a while now and, while I was in San Francisco during Folsom week, I gave them the opportunity to get at it. Get at it they did! They take turns fucking the hell out of him and then DP him. I have to say this is the best DP scene I’ve ever had the pleasure to film. Two big hard dicks fucking one hot hole… and the bottom’s dick is rock hard the whole time! Of course there is also a whole lot of cock sucking, ass eating, and Jackson Fillmore also gets his amazingly beautiful bubble butt fucked as well.

The video just went live on theĀ and here is a free XXX preview video and some hot XXX photos from the shoot.

Scene description: Horny fuckers Max Cameron and Jackson Fillmore feed dick pig Leon Fox their big cocks before giving him the double fuck of a lifetime and cumming up his hole.

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