Leo Forte Gang Fucked

I am a HUGE fan of Leo Forte and I was thrilled as fuck when he agreed to shoot for rawfuckclub.com. I was even happier when he told me he wanted to do a rough and raw gang bang scene… as the bottom! When we finally filmed the scene it was WAY hotter than I ever expected it to be. Leo really gave himself over the the huge dicked tops and by the end he is completely fucked out. Thank you so much Leo Forte for bringing your hot ass to rawfuckclub.com and taking things to the next level!

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Scene description: Latin stud Leo Forte has a fantasy about getting gang fucked, rough and raw, by some huge dicks. Sexy Sean Duran, uncut Latin hottie Mario Cruz, and hugely endowed Brett Bradley take ownership of Leo’s holes and pound the fuck out of him till he’s loaded up, dripping with cum, and completely satiated.

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A PERSONAL SIDE NOTE HERE: I know Leo for a hell of a long time and I have to say I am truly blessed to be able to call him a friend. He is an amazingly talented artist with a creative passion and energy that is both inspiring and contagious. Plus, he’s just a really, really good guy. Leo… YOU ROCK my friend!