Dirty Fuck Fest – New!!!

I recently filmed real life couple Jon Galt and Vic Rocco in a completely vers raw fuck scene for rawfuckclub.com. Gotta say it’s pretty hot! Here is a preview video and some photos from the shoot.
Scene description: Muscle daddies Jon Galt and Vic Rocco fuck sexy Rikk York and Billy Warren. But daddies need dick too and every hole is well fucked.

CLICK HERE to see the entire video.still_01_167346776_orig_D464_F38still_02_708394861_orig_E793_BD1 still_04_224894599_orig_1549_35E still_05_332561679_orig_3F47_E98 still_06_848382656_orig_FA74_A3D still_08_977080490_orig_5E06_62A still_09_786820977_orig_2B5_BDF still_10_243339289_orig_B827_814 still_11_925785768_orig_564A_DCE still_12_254958375_orig_6CFA_CF8 still_13_451807576_orig_B6DC_30C still_14_344277651_orig_B0F7_4D1still_07_421804333_orig_36B4_BEBstill_03_954306543_orig_D432_0BBCLICK HERE to see the entire video.