Cam Christou and Nick Cross flip fuck and breed each other has just released the third scene from my new movie “Call of Buty 3 – Going Commando” and it’s pretty freakin hot! The scene features two of my favorite porn performers… Cam Christou, who is a favorite, and Nick Cross, who has been on a break from porn so it’s really great to see him back! There is even a rare cameo appearance from Owen Hawk at the beginning of the scene. I had to practically beg him to do it. LOL

A little behind the scenes drama for you… These two guys were SO INTO EACH OTHER that Nick Cross was a bad boy and didn’t listen to my direction, pull out, and shoot on Cam’s hole when he came. The fucker just kept fucking and shot his load deep into Cam’s hole. After editing the scene I have to say I’m really glad he didn’t pull out because the internal cumshot and the cum that leaks out from Cam’s sloppy, just fucked hole when Nick pulls out is HOT AS FUCK! Check it out for yourself and see what you think. Here is a free XXX preview video and some hot XXX photos from the shoot. CLICK HERE if you want to see the whole video.

Scene description: Private Nick Cross has a hard-on that just won’t go away until Army medic Cam Christou lends a hand, mouth, cock and hole to help. The two tatted up fuckers flip fuck and breed each other’s holes.

CLICK HERE to see the entire video.          still_11_816300986_orig_3D41_B68still_04_451767155_orig_354A_C61still_06_883073799_orig_37C5_C6Dstill_01_931031632_orig_4FE5_54Fstill_02_782447907_orig_ED35_6A1still_03_481637756_orig_8A78_C22still_12_872923299_orig_A172_C33still_05_353134271_orig_4E4B_8AAstill_08_821450677_orig_B8A8_E71still_09_902890979_orig_464A_0AFstill_10_577754994_orig_DD48_FE5still_07_250539997_orig_F244_EDB
CLICK HERE to see the entire video.